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Camp L.G. Barnes, situated on the southwestern shores of Gull Lake near Bentley, Alberta, provides adults with developmental disabilities a holiday at a camp tailored to meet their needs.
Camp L.G. Barnes
Camp L.G. Barnes is a year-round lakeside facility that provides visitors with a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities to enhance their quality of life.
Year round activities at Camp L.G. Barnes
 We will endeavor to enhance the quality of life for our guests by helping them to discover new horizons, to build on past experiences, and to enjoy themselves within the scope of their abilities and interests.
In 1955, the Parent Organization purchased 9 lots on the shores of Gull Lake and built a small summer camp for people who lived in Michener Centre to visit. At this time, the camp was referred to as the “Dr. Randall R. MacLean Cottage” after the Minister of Health for Alberta at the time.

Over the years, it became apparent that a larger camp with better facilities was needed and thus began the construction of the present day lodge. In 1982 the camp was officially opened and renamed “Camp L.G. Barnes” after Mr. Lem Barnes who, in addition to sitting on the Society board at the time, also donated an extraordinary amount of time, labour and materials to the construction of the new lodge.